28 January 2011

American Idol Season 10 : Wilson Kissed Her Boyfriend

The most interesting thing in american idol season 10 is when Wilson Kissed Her Boyfriend. Who'da thunk that Tyler was such a softie?  Of course, it was funny watching him scold Randy for calling someone a bad singer and then turning around and doing essentially the same thing himself a few minutes later.

And is J Lo really the only one that is hearing the auditions?  The boys really let some marginal contestants through.  Then again, from the edits the overall talent level is way down even from last year's record mediocrity.

Hats off to the production team, though.  The little piano tickling during McCaffery's package had us looking for the right thing.  And the sound effects as Younique's number fell off during the judges critique and the freeze frame and record screech when Wilson kissed her boyfriend were flat out hilarious.

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